The Girl Eating Flowers

A Note from Author

          “The Girl Eating Flowers” is a picture book based on one of my visual poems that has the same title. When I composed the original text, I was strongly inspired by Diane Wakoski’s poem, “You, Letting the Trees Stand as My Betrayer”(1970). I believe the main concept or intention of the poem is about how living as a woman in contemporary society is a confrontation with the social majority and requires undergoing violence. 

          In my poem, “The Girl Eating Flowers”, the behaviour of eating flowers is an undefined weird action that “they” want to correct from the persona of “I”. The main character “I”, the girl eating flowers, always has to hide from certain existence that has ruined her friends’ lives. It is not sure if the existence, “they”, are human or something else. The girl is scared of them but keeps eating flowers in order that the flowers will grow on her dead body. She does this in case they finally catch her and cut her up. 

           I juxtapose the meaning of flowers and the hope for every woman’s future against the violence which disrupts women’s personal growth and passion. Instead of the typical meaning of eating, consumption or destruction, the action of eating flowers is to be rediscovered as a proactive activity — this process fulfills the main character’s goal of showing women’s creative potential and production.

2018 TCAF Edition